Air conditioning is distributed from this much improved design, with added functionality provided by any one of four operating modes. A great advantage is that the air diffuser module not only operates with the light module but functions very well on its own.

Significant features:

  • Suitable for constant air volume
  • Suitable for Variable Air Volume (VAV)
  • Controls range from manual adjustment to addressable VAV
  • Low height plenums
  • Linear slots: 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Combinations of supply and return
  • Various configurations
  • Engineered for flexibility and low energy
  • Perforated plate can be fitted between lights for return air

Air Diffuser Module

Four Operating Modes

  1. Manual - Blades can be set in four positions for 40% to 100% and are easily adjustable on site. In two-way mode each side can have a different setting as an option. Suitable for constant volume and simple VAV box applications.
  2. VAV Slave - Multiple outlets with motor driven variable geometry operate as slaves to a VAV box or AirLight VAV master. Variable geometry maintains throws as VAV box reduces air volume. Two way blow can be set for biased operation eg one side 20-100%, other side 20% to 67% as an option.
  3. VAV Master - Temperature sensor and controller modulate variable geometry at each outlet individually for VAV operation. Two way blow can be set for biased operation as above. Wall mount adjuster can give ± increment to set point. One VAV master can control multiple VAV slaves in single rooms or open plan interior zones.
  4. VAV Network - VAV master can be interfaced with a BMS for monitoring, control, adjustment of set point.



Plenums - Standard height is only 250 mm (10”). Low height is 210 mm (8.25") with 150 mm (6”) spigots only.
Spigots - True elliptical spigots in nominal sizes 150 mm (6”), 200 mm (8”) and 250 mm (10”). Two spigot plenum can be supplied and can be used to replace two light -air boots.

Many configurations available - Custom arrangements possible - Contact us.

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